Adult Competitive Swim Program Ages 18 & up

Join SWAM to get in shape, make friends and compete. The workouts are designed to increase the efficiency of your stroke, improve strength and endurance. Team dues include most equipment, well designed workouts and on-deck coaching. Prerequisites include being able to swim at least 2 of 4 competitive strokes continuously at an approximate rate of 1 mile / 30 minutes.

•  Monday – Friday from 11:30-12:30PM

• Daily: $10

• Fred Shaw
• Franz Wise





  • SWIMMING IS AN ENDURANCE SPORT - The number one factor in determining your rate of improvement is consistency. The more you attend workouts, the more you'll improve!
  • GET TO WORKOUT ON TIME - If you arrive late and do not warm-up properly, you risk injury. Additionally, it can disrupt fellow swimmers and make the coach face unneeded difficulty when organizing workouts.
  • PARKING PERMITS - Upon registering for masters, you can purchase a parking permit from the Extension Office for $5. Place the permit on your front windshield so it is visible.
  • LANE ETIQUETTE - When there are three or more swimmers in a lane, we swim in a "circle" pattern. Stay on the right side of the lane (like when driving) at all times. As you approach the wall, angle in towards the center to make your turn. To ensure that people do not run in to each other, wait 5 to 10 seconds after each person before beginning to swim. If someone is swimming faster than you and begins to overtake you, stop at the next wall, move out of the way, and when they have passed, begin to swim again. If there are only two people in the lane, "split" the lane in half, staying on your designated side the whole time and leaving simultaneously.
  • EQUIPMENT – We will provide kick boards and pull buoys. You are encouraged to purchase swim fins, hand paddles, and your favorite brand of goggles.
  • WORKOUTS - Every effort will be made to design workouts based on swimmers' individual objectives. Keep in mind however that a Triathlete training for a 2.4 mile ocean swim has a different agenda than a swimmer headed for the Masters Nationals. We ask that you be understanding about everyone else's goals!
  • REPEAT INTERVALS - Some intervals are designed to give the swimmer plenty of rest. Use the rest, and take some deep breaths. It is vitally important that you know your time for that repeat. Other intervals will barely give you any rest at all. Don't despair! Different types of sets, distances, and intervals are designed to work different energy systems within the body. If you're not sure what type of set you’re doing, or would like to know how to efficiently swim certain sets, please speak to your Masters' coach! We're always here to help!
  • EMAIL LIST – Be sure to give your email to Coach Deb and she will add you to the weekly SWAM email list to help keep you up to date on pools news, activities, and events.