• Are floatation devices allowed if my child does not know how to swim?

No, parents must be in the water if their child does not know how to swim. Any child under the age of seven must have an adult in the water with them (at arm's length) at all times.

  • What chemicals does the pool have in it?

The pool contains chlorine and muriatic acid.

  • Is it an indoor or outdoor facility? Are the pools heated?

It is an outdoor facility and both pool are heated. The larger competition pool is heated to around 80 degrees and the smaller wellness pool is heated to around 85 degrees.

  • What is the best way to contact the pool?

The best way to contact the pool office is by phone: (818) 710-4343

  • How do I get to Pierce College? Where is the best place to park if I'm coming to the pool?

If coming from the 101, exit on Winnetka Blvd and go North. At Brahma Dr., turn left and at the first stop sign, turn right. This will lead you to Parking Lot 1 and once parked, the pool can be located between the two gyms. If coming from Topanga Canyon Blvd., head East on Victory. Turn right on Mason St. and on the left hand side is Parking Lot 7. Park as far East as possible and then walk into campus (See CONTACTS tab above for a map of the area).

  • What are the rules for Summer Swin Lessons?
  1. Children must be pretested by Pierce College pool staff before enrolling in any swim class (except for parent/child and private lessons).
  2. Students must be enrolled before they can participate in class. Please bring your enrollment confirmation to class on the first day.
  3. You must check in before going to your lesson.
  4. Arrive ten minutes early for all swim lessons – this will give you time to change and use the restroom before your lesson.
  5. Deck changing is not permitted. Please use the locker rooms, restrooms or change at home before or after swim lesson.
  6. Parents must take children to the restroom before class. If the child needs to use the restroom during class parents will need to take them, the instructors will not take children to the restroom.
  7. All swim lesson participants must shower before entering the pool.
  8. You may bring a towel to the poolside but please leave ALL clothing either in a bag on the bleachers or in the locker room. If you use a locker use a padlock to protect your belongings.
  9. Swimsuits providing adequate coverage are required. Do not wear basketball, soccer or jean shorts.
  10. Swim diapers are not permitted during lessons. Students must be potty trained before starting swim lessons, including parent and child and private lessons.
  11. Swim goggles are highly recommended to prevent eye irritation.
  12. Those with long hair are asked to please wear a swim cap or ponytail.
  13. All rashes and cuts are to be checked by supervisor before class.
  14. Parents are encouraged to watch their child’s lessons from the bleacher area. Please do not prompt or cheer on your child while instruction is taking place.
  15. Parents must stay the entire swim lesson, in case of an emergency.
  16. There will be absolutely no make-ups for missed group lessons. The only time the pool will take responsibility is if there is a pool closure. Private lesson make-ups will be reviewed on a case by case basis, if approved make up lessons will take place on Fridays.
  17. All class changes must be approved by the swimming pool supervisor.
  18. Any student who disrupts the flow of class or disrupts the instructor’s ability to perform their duties will be removed from the class.  A recommendation may be made for the student to enroll in private lessons.
  19. Wait lists generated by the extension office are only valid prior to class, if students drop. Once classes start the wait lists are void.